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Kennel Policies

1.  Boarding charges begin on arrival day.

2.  Pets picked up prior to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday are not charged for that day.

3.  All pets are charged for Sundays and holidays regardless of pick up time.

4.  Extremely dirty or matted dogs will be groomed before entering the kennel and the charge will be added to the boarding bill.

5.  Pets will only be released to the owner unless prior arrangements are made.

6.  Pets requiring medication or special diets, including mixing with canned food, will incur a $1.00 per day charge.

7.  Major holidays incur a $2.00 per day, per dog, for the day of the holiday, the day prior to the holiday and the day after the holiday.

8.  Any dog entering the kennel with fleas and/or ticks will be charged a $25 penalty fee in addition to the cost of the bath and dip which will be added to the boarding bill.

9.  For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.  Any returned checks will be automatically turned over to a collection agency and all applicable charges required by state law will be added.

10.  Dogs that bite, are difficult to handle, etc. will incur an additional charge to be determined  by the extra time to properly care for the dog.